User Case

After execution is finished, you want to see details of test steps in result. For an example, you run the test which has steps as exhibit, and then you want to see test steps in the result:


1. Right-click the project node in the TestArchitect explorer tree within which you want to run the test.

2. Click the Advanced Setting tab.

3. Select the Automatically add result(s) to repository check box.

4. Click the  next to the SELECT A REPOSITORY DESTINATION field to specify where the test results are to be stored. The Select a Destination dialog box appears.

5. Select a location, and click OK button.

6. Click Execute button to start the execution.

7. After execution completed, expand the test result

8. Double click on node to see details of test step:

Note: Details of test steps are not displayed in LOCAL RESULTS. To see details, you have to add the result to repository:

1. Right click on the test result, select Add to Repository…

2. Select a destination.

3. Click OK button.

4. Go to the destination folder to see details of test steps.