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Playback Controller

Does TestArchitect for Visual Studio have any sort of playback controls (Pause, Play, Live Details)? Or are there any keyboard shortcuts for pausing and resuming playback on a running test?


Hi Daniel,

Visual Studio CodedUI does not support those playback controls but you just can stop the execution by killing the process QTAgent32.exe. TestArchitect for Visual Studio depends on Visual Studio so if Visual Studio does not support this feature, TestArchitect for Visual Studio cannot accommodate 

Just want to give more information, our other product TestArchitect standalone does have all options, Pause, Resume, Live Details of Test Module, Test Case, test actions at application levels and low levels. Logigear builds and own TestArchitect standalone so we easily add/develop more feature requests to eases SQA, automation engineers' work. If you are interested in a demo of TestArchitect standalone, we are happy to show.



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