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Is there an equivilent "run test" command, that I use in TA Enterprise, in TA4VS?

I'd like to be able to have a module that can run other modules from with in it...a "master" test module. But, I'm not seeing the 'run test' option, like TA Enterprise has.


Is this possible?


Hi Joe,


You can refer to this topic:

Let me know if this answer your question.


Thank you Joe for your question.

Currently we do not have action 'run test' for TA4VS. We have added it to the backlog to support in future. We will keep you posted when it is available.

The workaround for now is using MTM to order TMs into test suite which serves as a master test module.




Hi Joe,

I have worked with the product team on this request and we will make it available in the December release. 

Please keep us posted on any features that you think they are useful for your testing need. We are happy to listen your thoughts and will schedule the support for your feature request.

Thank you,


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